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Sports Safety Video for Parents, Athletes, and Coaches
by the National Center for Sports Safety

In 2010, the NCSS produced a parent and athlete video to educate parents and athletes on preventative measures and ways to be proactive in youth sports safety. The 16-minute video covers five essential topics that parents and athletes need to be familiar with in the event of an emergency on the field or court. The video includes information regarding concussions, pre-participation physicals, cardiac and genetic disorders, heat illnesses and staph (Staphylococcus aureus)/ MRSA infections. The parent and athlete video has been reviewed and approved by the AHSAA medical advisory committee and can be viewed free of charge.



Softball Drills from YouTube

Recommended Throwing Drills:

Wrist Snap Progression:

Wrist Snap Progression:

Wrist Snap Specialized Drill:

Full Motion Throwing:


Recommended "How to Catch a Softball"  Drills:

Clock Drill:


Recommended Fielding Drills:

Triangle Fielding Progression:

Charging Ball and Short-hops:

Advance Skill Reps:



Softball Drills
Contributed by Westfield High School's Varsity Softball Coach, Caitlin MacDonald