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Sponsor Patronage


In appreciation for their financial support of the Girls Softball League of Westfield, we ask that you please patronize our sponsor companies who have contributed to the enrichment of your child’s softball experience.


Girls Softball League of Westfield Sponsorship Opportunities

The Girls Softball League of Westfield is a non-profit organization with various types of Sponsorship programs to fit your budget.   If you’d like your company LOGO posted on our website or to Sponsor your Child’s team or another team please contact us at

Lightning Alarm System

As a reminder while the lightning alarm system works at Memorial Pool after 8 pm the siren will not sound.  Only the warning strobe operates. 

Always check here for updates, including weather related cancellations.  For updates on the status of Union County Park fields, please call the Union County hot line on 908-352-8410. The Park Commission posts field updates at 2:00 pm. 

  Click here for the The Weather Channel 

The Town of Westfield relies on a lightning detection system to automatically activate Siren Stations to warn people at various locations when lightning is detected within 10 miles. 
Lighting Alarm:
Wave Siren Stations sound a “Horn-Siren-Horn-Siren” audible tone for about 12 seconds. The Strobe Light attached to the Siren Station then illuminates to indicate that a Lightning Alarm condition exists.
Lightning All-Clear: 
The All-Clear sounds when no lightning is detected for 30 minutes within 10 miles of the lightning detection sensor. Wave Siren Stations sound a “Horn Intermittent” audible tone for about 12 seconds. The Strobe Light attached to the Siren Station then extinguishes.
Some, but not all fields are equipped with lightning alarms. All players, coaches, and parents must clear the fields immediately when lightning is detected. Fields must be cleared if lightning or thunder is observed, even if the alarm does not sound.
Carry-on, Carry-off!



Help us keep our fields Safe and Clean


Whatever items you carry-on to the fields you must carry-off the fields. Players, parents and coaches, you must pick up and carry off all your trash before leaving the field and place it in the garbage containers or recycle it.